Our primary focus is on business related matters; such as real estate transactions, and estate planning and administration. 

We believe this specialization is a substantial edge on helping clients with their business issues--as often these issues are related and we can often structure a matter to give the client the most advantageous manner of handling their situation.

In addition to these business related matter, other areas that Mr. Houston specializes in are in oil and gas, and 1031 exchanges, which you can view at

About us

Here at Farmers & Ranchers Estate Planning and Estate Administration, PLLC we offer legal services dealing with estate planning and administration, and real estate. With over 22 years of experience, Attorney Dal Houston has been a member of the Oklahoma bar association since 1996.  Mr. Houston's practice consists primarily on real estate transactions, estate planning, estate administration, and like-kind exchanges. In addition to his legal practices, Mr. Houston is a farmer and rancher, and a frequent speaker on Section 1031 Exchanges, estate planning and administration, and communication issues. 

Latest News 
Attorney Dal Houston

Where We Will Be Next

July15, 2019


Mr. Houston will be in Miami, Florida presenting Continuing Legal Education course ("CLE") on complex 1031 Exchange issues and on communications. 

Chicago, IL

Past Events

March 20, 2019


Mr. Houston was in Chicago, Illinois on March 20 presenting a Continuing Legal Education ("CLE") on basic 1031 Exchanges and negotiation tactics and skills. If you would like to watch a recording of this event you may do so by contacting us.